Company & Vision

Our experience in the business of investment and project management has taught us that good asset diversification also involves real estate investment. PILOTE Hunt & Invest belongs to a category of multidisciplinary professionals, capable of offering a complete service to investors, to revitalise and/or create real estate assets.

From the search for divisible buildings that can be made compliant to building rules, to the signing of purchase deeds, including renovation, compliance and rental management, PILOTE Hunt & Invest will supervise and guide you thanks to an established network of reliable professionals.

Our fees are fixed and given in advance, without ambiguity, so that every transaction takes place in a positive climate and trust, to guarantee its success.

We will help you anticipate every scenario realistically, be it BEST and WORST CASE scenarios, to allow you to see the full picture.

Let us find a "Tailor-Made" investment for you!

Tailor-Made Service

Mission Phase 1

1. Research and selection of divisible buildings that can be made compliant to building rules

  • Targeting of "preferred” geographical zones
  • Pre-selection according to previously established criteria

2. Valuation and expertise of the selected properties

  • Pre-estimation & property visit, together with one of our architects
  • Gathering of information (prescriptions, leases, plans, property deeds, urbanistic infringements, permits, fire department advice, ...)
  • Valuations by project & opportunity as a whole and divided, best & worst case scenario

3. Negotiation and drafting of a project

  • Precise estimation & development of the investment strategy
  • Input from specialised partners for opinion on feasibility of projections
  • Coordination of discussions/transaction with the seller or his representative
  • Drafting of the bid project

4. Coordination of the project in partnership with the notary’s office

  • Signature of an agreement on object and price
  • Confirmation of the legal feasibility (legal situation and capacity)
  • Correspondence and implementation of the sales agreement in partnership with the notary's office

5. Assistance to introduce the financing request with the bank and relay to the appointed expert

  • Choosing the appropriate financing model with the investor
  • Follow-up of the financing request to the credit organism
  • Transmission of our valuation and feasibility report to the bank expert

6. Coordinate the signing of the deeds on loan, guarantees, and purchase with the notary's office

  • Administrative follow-up and centralised correspondence
  • Follow-up and provide the various support needed to facilitate any exchanges with the notary's office
  • Signing of loan, guarantee and purchase documents

Optional missions

Mission Phase 2 : Coordination from the preliminary draft to the final project, including building site supervision until provisional acceptance
Mission Phase 3 : Rental and rental management
Mission Phase 4 : Division & resale coordination